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To create a corporate culture of well-being and ensure the success of your program, there are a few important steps.
As we approach enrollment season, let’s look at five key steps to ensuring this year’s open enrollment is successful for you and your employees.
When employees are mourning, it’s important to create a caring, supportive and professional work environment.
People “need” insurance – not for its own sake – but to pay for health care, because health care itself is too expensive.
While some group health plans may provide COBRA continuation coverage at a reduced rate or at no cost, most qualified beneficiaries must pay the full COBRA premium.
Government and church plans do not need to comply with ERISA, but some employers are unsure if they meet the "church plan" exception.
Group health plans are required to provide notices to covered employees and their families explaining their COBRA rights when certain events occur.
HSA contributions are down or unchanged from three years ago, with the exception of government and education employers.
For employers sponsoring a medical plan, managing the cost of prescription drugs is becoming a complicated task.
An executive with more than 20 years of leadership experience, Peter Weber joins UBA as President and is based in the company’s Chicago office.