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Eligible DCFSA expenses include adult day care center, before/after school programs, child care, nanny, preschool, and summer day camp.
As an employer, it is helpful to understand your EAP to keep information confidential and ensure that your employees and your workplace are safe.
Small business health plans are competitive with national averages in containing costs, but often must pass on more of the premium cost to employees.
A health flexible spending account is a pre-tax account used to pay out-of-pocket health care costs for a participant, their spouse and eligible dependents.
No matter how well traveled you are, or how busy your lifestyle may be, you likely haven’t been everywhere in the world, or done everything there is to do. There is technology out there, however, that can bring the world to you.
New data from the UBA Health Plan Survey shows that small employers are doing a better job of containing health care costs than the average employer.
COBRA allows qualified beneficiaries who lose health benefits due to a qualifying event to continue group health benefits.
As we approach enrollment season, let’s look at five key steps to ensuring this year’s open enrollment is successful for you and your employees.
To create a corporate culture of well-being and ensure the success of your program, there are a few important steps.
A health flexible spending account (FSA) is a pre-tax account used to pay for out-of-pocket health care costs for a participant as well as a participant's spouse and eligible dependents.