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There are seven triggering events that are qualifying events for COBRA coverage if they result in loss of coverage for the qualified beneficiaries.
Employers with 25 to 49 employees are the most generous in contributing to health savings accounts.
The Section 125 cafeteria plan regulations and the ACA require employers to take certain actions when an employee reduces hours.
The IRS has released dollar limits for HSAs and HDHPs for 2018, and information about how retroactive Medicare coverage affects HSA contributions.
Nondiscrimination testing encourages employers to provide benefits to their employees in a way that does not discriminate in favor of highly-paid employees.
Small employers that plan to offer QSE HRAs should be cautious before presuming that ERISA would not apply to a reimbursement arrangement.
Well-being strategies should not be a one-size-fits-all approach.
Health savings accounts have been gaining momentum as a way to deal with increasing health care costs.
As wellness programs come to be part of the traditional benefits package, the key differentiator is a culture that supports overall health and well-being.
Offering a high-deductible plan with an HRA is a way for small employers to save over offering a low-deductible health plan.