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Both HSAs and HRAs can be of tremendous value to employers and employees, and and both offer tax benefits.
A workplace that does wellness the right way focuses on the employee's intrinsic motivation to be the best they can be.
The AHCA makes numerous changes to current law, much of which impact the individual market, Medicare, and Medicaid.
It's important to properly manage protected health information to keep it secure from internet attacks
In this virtual communication age, you can't take the “human” out of Human Resources, or the confusion out of insurance benefits just because you wrap it in a nice website.
The rule amends standards relating to special enrollment periods, guaranteed availability, and the timing of the annual open enrollment period in the individual market.
The private exchange model growth may be delayed, or coming to a halt.
The summary of benefits and coverage must contain specific information, in a specific format, about a group health benefit's coverage and limitations.
Regardless of who prepares the filing, it remains the sole responsibility of the employer, or Plan Sponsor, when it comes to Form 5500 transmissions or failures to file.