Benefit Advisors Network (BAN), is the premier national, credentialed network of independent benefit advisory & consulting companies. Through best practice sharing, market clout leveraging and shared capital for investments, BAN delivers the power of Smart Partners – through industry-leading tools, technology, and expertise, member firms can deliver optimum results for their employee benefits customers.

Not only is your benefits advisor a local business owner, with firsthand knowledge of your regional economy and culture, they are backed by the collective intelligence and market influence of a nation-wide team of Smart Partners. Carefully selected from among the most prestigious and progressive benefit firms in the United States, each member is a recognized expert in their marketplace, with an average of more than 15 years of experience in the field of employee benefits.

The size of Benefit Advisors Network’s aggregate business places your Smart Partner in the driver’s seat when it comes to dealing with insurance companies, technology companies, and communications companies. We have direct access to key executives that allow your advisor to negotiate most effectively on your behalf – cutting through the red tape.

Your advisor knows the market – trends, current research, instructive case studies, and leading-edge products and services.  Smart Partners hear regularly from expert consultants and industry veterans and develop vital personal connections with other Smart Partners. These relationships and the work of collaborative committees facilitate the open sharing of expertise, insight, and strategies that have brought success to clients.

Your Smart Partner has access to the wisdom of Subject Matter Experts in the following areas:

  • Actuarial Services Director
  • Medical Director
  • Pharmacy Director
  • HR Administration & Technology Director
  • Captives Director
  • HR & Human Capital Management Director
  • Compliance Director

The Subject Matter Experts within Benefit Advisors Network’s Smart Partner community collaborate through practice groups to study specific industry trends, challenges and opportunities in the health and welfare arena.  This information is then sent to you from your advisor to help your business create comprehensive and effective strategies to deal with the unique needs of your market segment.