We’ve combined the continuously updated analytical information from  United Benefits Advisor Partners (UBA) and our desire to digitally progress the insurance industry with our hands-on customer service approach. This sets us apart from the competition and helps us conquer the ever so changing compliance requirements within the industry. Benefit Plan Strategies is heavily involved in spearheading online enrollment and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) feeds to help companies become more efficient at keeping their constantly changing employee census information. This will help speed up the employee enrollment process, help COBRA administration compliance, and aid in receiving tailored health plans that are more cost effective for both the employer and the employee.


Benefit Advisors Partners

Our Partners provide our Account Manager with a massive amount of Benefit Communication resources like White Papers, training, webinars, surveys, compliance solutions, HR resources, etc…  They provide our clients with the Wisdom Stream which includes access to webinars, healthcare reforms, wellness programs, employee engagement, etc… They focus on providing the latest  materials to compliance so we can focus on customizing plans, analyzing claims, and improving technological advancements.


Online Enrollment Tools

At BPS, we embrace change and we excel at making those changes easier on our clientele. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients prepared for the fast-paced changes that take place within the industry. Don’t have HR support? Well, we can take care of your Human Resource needs too. We like to lend a helping hand by being an information hub. Our goal is to use our resources so efficiently and effectively that business owners can focus primarily on growing their business.