Human Resources (HR) is vital to organizational success because the people within a company are just as important as the organization itself. HR focuses on building a solid foundation between the employee and the organization. Intertwining this relationship with goals that progress both the individual and the company collectively.  BPS has access to HR hubs, so we provide HR support that assists with employment information on news and compliance. BPS gives you access through our Partners to webinars, surveys, advisory opportunities and more.

Benefit Plan Strategies HR Solutions: 

  • Direct Support to service your human resources needs 
  • Employee Benefits and Payroll Solutions (if applicable) 
  • Best practices, guidance, and expertise to address difficult issues: 
    • Compliance
    • Pre-Employment 
    • Screening
    • Termination Procedures 
    • Performance Management 
    • Safety Plans 
    • Employee Record Review 
  • Management Training 
    • Sexual Harassment Training
    • Coaching 
    • Development 
  • Policy and Procedure development for comprehensive policies and procedures 
  • Job Description creation to effectively communicate 
    • Expectations 
    • Identify specific needs to fill the position properly 
    • Correct employee classification 

Three Step Human Resource Implementation Process

Step 1 – Initial Assessment

  • A Comprehensive review of our client’s existing Human Resource program.
  • Audits – HR processes and procedures

Step 2 – Implementation

Developing a plan of action to maintain state and federal compliance.Stratergy-Solutions

  • Discussion of company culture, service needs and desired improvements.
  • Strategic planning and goal setting for the client relationship.
    • Custom Solutions
    • Options for specific solutions package
    • Integration plans for client’s business and implementation timelines

Step 3 – Compliance, Evaluation, and Continuation

  • Monthly service provided as needed by the client includes coaching, management inquiries and
    ongoing reviews and updates.
  • Review and maintain compliance.
  • Reevaluate goals and needs regularly.

Our three-step process helps the client to develop a custom Human Resource program. We will continue to service your needs effectively to achieve your human resource strategic goals